Author’s Warranty

Author warrants and represents to AFP that:

(a)  be the author of the materials s\he provides and has not assigned to any third party any rights in The Book or any material or entered into any agreement with third party which would derogate form or conflict with the rights granted to APF

(b)  The Book does not contain any material that is libellous, obscene or defamatory or violate any right of privacy or confidential information of a third party.

(c)  Except for third party materials of which The Author has referenced, The Book is original, previously unpublished and shall not contain plagiarized other work, or infringe on the proprietary right of any third party. The Author shall obtain written permission and pay all fees for use of any literary or illustration materials for which rights are held by others. The Author warrants that no material will be included in The Book that requires reprint or reproduction permission from a third party copyright holder(s) unless The Author has requested APF in writing to obtain such permission(s). APF shall decide whether such material shall be used on the basis or the reasonableness of the cost.

(d)  The Author agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless APF and its licensees from and against all loss, damages, actions and causes of actions, claims, including legal fees and disbursements, that the Publisher may suffer or incur as a result of any breach or alleged breach of any of the warranties or representations made by The Author in this agreement.

(e)  The Author hereby warrants to APF that The Book is not in any way infringement of any existing copyright, or in any violation of proprietary right or copyright, or any unlawful matter contained in The Book.

(f)  The Author shall edit and proofread the pages and implement correction for all errors to complete the publication of The Book.

(g)  The Author shall submit the complete manuscript of The Book, electronic formatted in Word, approximately 200 pages, single spaced, font 10, prepared on one side only for 5.5 by 8.5 inch paper unless specified by APF.

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